[pullquote3 align=”center”]If you are looking for an interesting idea for a school field trip, party, wedding group activity or a company team-building activity, check out what Kitty Hawk Kayak & Surf School can offer![/pullquote3]

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kidsonbridge [icon_teaser style=”black” type=”Balloons” title=”Birthday Parties”] Let the Kitty Hawk Kayak and Surf School take the headache out of birthday party planning. Contact us today to plan the ultimate outdoor party. [/icon_teaser]
outer-banks-corporate-team-building-programs [icon_teaser style=”black” type=”Camera” title=”School Field Trips”] Make your curriculum come alive on the Outer Banks! We’ll work with you to provide a truly enriching experience for your students. View Options [/icon_teaser]


Bride and Groom [icon_teaser style=”black” type=”Heart” title=”Weddings”] Kayak tours and surf lessons make for great activities for wedding parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties or family activities for guests. [/icon_teaser]

outer-banks-corporate-team-building-programs [icon_teaser style=”black” type=”Group” title=”Team Building Programs”] The challenges that surfing and kayaking provide offer ideal team building activities for corporate and business ventures. [/icon_teaser]