Cornhole Board Rentals

Cornhole Board Rentals

Get ready to toss some bags courtesy of our Cornhole Board Rentals!! This is a super fun game to enjoy at the beach with some friends and a few cold ones!! Toss the bags into the hole, keep score and go for it!!

Cornhole Board Rentals Rates


Includes 2 boards and 8 beanbags. You provide the beverages.


$35.00 for Umbrella
$20.00 for Beach Chair - Wooden
$99.00 for 10x10 Canopy Shade Tent
$15.00 for Beach Chair - Metal
$59.00 for Corn Hole Board
$19.00 for Horse Shoe Set
$89.00 for HD Video Camera
$35.00 for Kelty Sunshade Beach Tent for 2-3 people
$19.00 for La Siesta Travel Hammock