A kayak camping trip combines the thrills of kayaking and the joys of camping. If you are thinking of a great way to spend the weekend with your kids, you should consider going on a kayak camping trip. Here are some convincing reasons why you should do so:

They get to see the beauty of nature

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Kayak camping trips will bring your kids closer to nature. It is always nice to bring kids who grew up in an urban setting to remote natural places. They get to experience a new world that is far different from what they have become accustomed to. Kayak camping trips will let your kids see beautiful sceneries of lush trees, clear skies, and amazing landscapes. They get to paddle through the waters and feel the fresh air as they enjoy the wonderful sights around them. They get to see animals and plants in their natural environment. Some activities you can ask your kids to do include taking photos of their favourite sites as well as drawing some natural scenes once you have set up camp.

They get to enjoy unstructured play

Another good reason why kayak camping trips are great is that once you reach the campsite, kids can enjoy unstructured play. They get to play on their own, be free, and be the kids they are supposed to be. It is at remote natural places where kids can enjoy free play at its best. Kids indeed need to play on their own – away from the structured environments of home and school. Free play at campsites can really create a good environment where kids can relax and simply have fun. They also get to share an amazing bond between their playmates be it their siblings, relatives, or friends. And they also get to play while kayaking. For example, they can play “I spy” or they can even have kayak races. (If they are too young though, they would have to be with an adult in the same kayak.)

They get to be more physically active

Kids these days are very different from the kids the adults of today used to be. Kids today can actually spend more than a day indoors and not get bored. This is because there is always technology to keep them occupied. There are gaming consoles as well as the Internet to keep them very busy. Nothing is wrong with technology but if enjoyed too much, kids end up getting inactive. And once they get inactive, they end up getting physically unfit. Kayak camping trips can be great outlets for kids who have gotten too hooked up with technology. It is time to have your kids take a break from their gadgets and let them enjoy the natural world where they live.

They get to develop life-long skills

When children go camping outdoors, they get to develop too many life-long skills. The majority of these would be survival skills. They get to learn how to survive outdoors and be resourceful with what they have. They get to cook without stoves, get food from the wild, use a variety of camping tools among others. What is also interesting is that aside from skills, they also get to benefit from secondary benefits. These benefits are lessons which they can learn from their camping experience in the wild. For example, a couple of days out there in the wild can help them be more appreciative of nature and it can motivate them to promote environmentalism as well as be more conscious with the natural world around them. And in special camping trips like kayaking camping trips, of course, they get to learn how to travel in a kayak.

They get to spend more quality time with you

Most importantly, it is ideal to take your kids on a kayak camping trip because that would be one of the few chances where you can enjoy time with your kids while they are still kids. They will not stay as kids for a long time. In no time, they would be grown adults and sadly, they would start to get busy with their own lives. Thus, while they are young, you should really make sure you get to spend time with them; and one of the best activities to spend with your kids is surely camping. While kayaking and camping, you get to spend time with them. You get to play with them. You get to impart to them various skills. You get to be a good parent to them. Kayak camping trips can develop a good bond between you and your kids. These trips can help create good memories that they will surely bring into their adulthood.

So what are you waiting for? Do consider planning a camping trip. You might want to go kayak camping with Kitty Hawk Kayak, one of the most reputable kayak tour operators on the Outer Banks. Consider Corolla, NC kayak rentals and contact us as soon as possible.