[pullquote3 align=”center”]Learn to surf waves on a stand up paddleboard in the epic surf of the Outer Banks.[/pullquote3]

We offer private and group SUP surf lessons! Certified by both the American Canoe & Kayak Association as well as the National Surf School & Instructor Association you will not find more qualified and professional staff to help you catch waves in no time!

We shove off right from the beach with the best beginner surf breaks on the island to get you catching and SUPing waves in no time.

These lessons are offered on an individual basis so call or email us and we can set up a SUP surf lesson for you. These lessons typically go out at 9am in the morning as the best winds and low crowds at the beach in the am allow us total freedom to catch as many waves as possible in the 1.5 hour lesson.

A typical SUP surf lesson begins with a safety talk and learning the anatomy of a surfboard. Next paddling techniques, balance and feet positioning are discussed. Participants then practice popping up onto the surfboard on the beach before getting wet. The instructor is there to help you catch waves and answer any questions you might have about surfing, the ocean, waves, or surf culture.

You should be a competent SUPer in flat water before taking a surf lesson.

Pricing for SUP Surf Lessons

$125.00 per person