8 Safety Tips You Must Adhere To Before Taking On Water Sports

8 Safety Tips You Must Adhere To Before Taking On Water Sports

Every type of sport is great and it can help you get rid of stress, but you must take the required safety precautions when practicing various sports, to make sure you don’t get injured or have a bad experience. For example, if you go running, you might want to buy a lightweight pair of shoes to perform at your peak. Similarly, when you practice water sports, you might want to follow the next safety tips and tricks.

Make sure that you are aware of the weather conditions

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It is important to keep an eye on the weather forecast when you want to practice various water sports. For example, if a storm is announced then you might not want to start your first surfing lesson on such a bad weather. Similarly, if you practice stand up paddleboarding, you might want to wear a wet suit which will help you feel more comfortable in the case you fall in the water. Also, check the water temperature before engaging in any type of water sports. Lastly, you might want to wear a long-sleeved shirt during hot summer days to protect you from UV rays.

Pay attention to off-shore winds

This is another important safety tip you must remember. Certain locations in the world feature off-shore winds at various moments of the day or week. If you practice water sports when the off-shore winds are powerful, you might find it very difficult to get back to the shore. Try to pick a day when the sea is calm and not windy to enjoy the best water sport experience.

Follow the boating rules in that particular area

All locations or exotic destinations in the world feature certain boating rules. It is important to familiarize yourself with these rules, particularly if you are going boating unguided. If you rent a jet ski, make sure that you know where you are allowed to travel and what types of rules and regulations you have to meet.

Alcohol and water sports shouldn’t mix

It is strongly recommended that you only practice water sports when you are sober. Keep in mind that a person who has consumed alcoholic beverages has problems maintaining his balance on a kayak, stand up paddleboard or surf board and as a result, he is more likely to get injured or even drown in the most unfortunate cases. Practice water sports first and then meet up with your friends for a beer to tell them what an amazing adventure you had.

Wear the lifejacket if you are a beginner at water sports

Even if you know how to swim, you still are in danger if you accidentally fall from your stand up paddleboard or surf board during your first lessons in water sports. Therefore, make sure that you wear a lifejacket to have more peace of mind. Additionally, not only that the lifejacket can keep your head above the water, but it will also provide a small amount of insulation which can be very useful if you practice water sports in cold water.

Remember to hydrate yourself

Especially if you are trying various types of water sports in places with a warm weather, chances are that you will sweat more than often which can lead to dehydration. It is important to note here that dehydration can be your worst enemy, especially in warm weather. Make sure that you drink enough beverages (not alcoholic ones) to remain hydrates such as water, tea, natural juice, and so on. This will also ensure that your body performs at its peak and your concentration levels are as high as possible.

Tell someone all the details of your paddling plan

Especially if you are inexperienced, it is a good idea to communicate your paddling plan to a professional before departing from the shore. For example, you can tell him where you are going, for how long you plan to stay, and when you are expected to come back. This is a good idea because in the case of emergency or unfortunate events, a professional knows of your whereabouts and can initiate a rescue mission if necessary.

Always follow the instructions given by the instructor

Although you might be very excited and impatient to hop on a surf board and ride the ocean waves, make sure that you remain calm and listen to the pieces of advice given by your instructor. Try to learn the basics of surfing, paddleboarding or kayaking, ask questions if you have and seek his help if necessary. If you pay attention to your first lessons in water sports, you will learn much quicker and have a great experience.

If you want to go on a kayak tour or try surfing then you are welcomed at our surf school in North Carolina. We offer professional water sports lessons and tours for our clients and we also have a large collection of equipments and gears available for rental at affordable prices.

A Brief Introduction To The History Of Kayaking

A Brief Introduction To The History Of Kayaking

Kayaking has become one of the favorite water sports of thousands of people worldwide. Not only that it is exhilarating and fun to travel across water in a very light vessel, but this also improves your stamina and overall health. Kayaking became very popular in the recent years and there are numerous worldwide destinations where you can try this water sport. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look to the history of kayaks and kayaking.

The first kayaks were created by an ancient civilization


The Inuit people were the first ones to create a rudimentary form of kayaks. Also, the Aleut tribes were known for building kayaks and using them to travel across water. These tribes were located in the Arctic North America. They used whatever construction materials they found around them to build kayaks such as animal skins, bones, and wood.

2 main types of kayaks were built back in the days

The Inuit and Aleut tribes were ingenious and they built 2 types of light kayaks. One of them was made from driftwood and the other one was made from whalebones. Basically, they would build light frames from whalebones and then cover them with animal skins. These vessels were very light, but not very durable. To make the kayaks waterproof, the Inuit and Aleut tribes used whale fat. This fat was placed in strategic points in the kayak to ensure it stays above water.

The buoyancy of the first kayaks was improved using seal bladders

The first kayaks weren’t very stable on water and to solve this problem, the antic tribes came up with an ingenious solution: they filled seal bladders with air and attach them to specific sections of the kayak to improve buoyancy. This also made the kayaks much more controllable and resistant to wear and tear.

Umiaqs could transport large families at once

Today you are familiar with small kayaks which are capable of transporting a single person safely and comfortably. This type of kayaks was also very popular back in the days. However, the ancient tribes also built kayaks called “umiaqs” which were capable of transporting entire families as well as their possessions. Obviously, these kayaks were larger and longer, some of them measuring up to 60 feet in length.

Kayaks were first used for hunting

Hunting was the primary source of food for ancient tribes and to simplify this process, they built different types of small kayaks. In fact, the word kayak literally translates as the “hunter’s boat”. The ancient tribes preferred to hunt using kayaks because these vessels were small, agile, very easy to control, and fast. Additionally, ancient kayaks also had a “ninja factor”, meaning that they could be used to sneak up around animals in the water or on the shoreline.

The kayaks become popular in Europe in the mid 1800s

This type of vessel arrived in Europe as a soft-sided frame boat and the Germans and French where the first ones who gave it a try. After a short while, kayaking became a type of sport and it was enjoyed by an increasing number of people. However, in icy waters, the kayak still maintained its practical purposes and it was heavily used by explorers of the North and South Poles.

Kayak races were included in the Olympic Games in 1936

At the Berlin games in 1936, kayak races were much expected and appreciated by the public. Later on around 1950s, kayaks were made from fiberglass which was a more rigid, durable, and light material. 30 years later in 1980, kayaks were made from polyethylene plastics. Today, Olympic Games feature a plethora of water sports which involve kayaks and kayaking. For example, the 1,000 meter race as well as the 10,000 meter race are very popular and enjoyed kayaking competitions.

Today’s kayaks are very durable, modern, and versatile

Nowadays you can rent kayaks for an affordable price if you want to try this amazing water sport. You might also be happy to know that today’s kayaks are much safer and durable and they are not “enhanced” or waterproofed using whale fat. These days kayaks come in various shapes, sizes, and they can also feature a plethora of colors. Today’s kayaks can also be used in different types of waters and some of them can easily accommodate 2 persons. These kayaks are perfect if you want to travel across water with your son and enjoy the spectacular natural landscapes around you.

There are many places where you can go kayaking these days, but it is important to pick a location where you will also get proper instructions and tips related to this water sport. We run a surf school in North Carolina and we also specialize in kayak tours. If you want to try kayaking, visit us and we will make your experience an enjoyable and sublime one. Check out our website for more details!

7 Types Of Water Sports Equipments You Can Rent

7 Types Of Water Sports Equipments You Can Rent

Those who go in vacation in exotic places usually engage in different types of sports and activities such as kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, and others. Such sports you cannot practice everywhere and obviously, you need specialized gear to protect you during your experience. In most cases, there is no point in buying snorkeling equipments, for example, if you do this activity twice a year. It is much more convenient to simply rent the equipments you need. Therefore, here are several types of equipments you can rent today to perform your favorite water sports.

Kayaking equipments

outer banks equipment rentals

Kayaks are necessary to perform one of the best and most popular water sports. They come in various sizes, shapes, and various colors as well. You can rent these equipments from various places, depending on the exotic destination you visit during your vacation. When you rent kayaks, you will also need paddles and various accessories such as backrests. The rental price for kayaking equipments depends on various factors such as the location you visit, for how long you rent the kayaks, and so on. Typically, kayaks are rented for daily or weekly use and if you rent for a longer period of time, you are entitled to discounts.

Stand up paddleboard equipments

Just like kayaks, paddleboards are also very varied and they should be rented according to the clients’ needs and preferences. When you rent paddleboards, you might also need to get paddles and various other accessories such as a life vest.

Snorkeling equipments

The snorkeling equipment allows you to dive under water and explore the magnificent unseen aquatic world. This unique experience gives you the possibility to see stunning aquatic creatures, aquatic plants, and different types of water animals. Your adventure is guided by a professional who will also tell you more details about the amazing creatures you encounter under water. To engage in a snorkeling adventure, you will need a mask, fins, snorkels, and several other accessories. Those who love snorkeling usually rent a snorkel vest, specialized rash guards and boots of various sizes.

Surf equipments

Just like snorkeling, surfing is also a great water sport preferred by numerous people. Nothing can be more pleasant and attractive than riding a surf board and racing the ocean waves towards the beach. The surf gear is usually very diverse and it can be tailored according to your needs. First of all, you will need a surf board which should be chosen depending on your body type and weight. Also, you will need a surf suit and maybe a life vest if you are a beginner when it comes to surfing.

Jet ski equipments

If you want to travel short distances across the ocean or sea then you might want to rent a jet ski. This is a vehicle similar to a motorcycle, only that it drives on water and it is not that fast. Still, you and your friends or relatives can hop on a jet ski and explore the sea in style. Prices for renting jet skies vary depending on the duration of your journey. You might also want to consider renting life vests, particularly if you are jet skiing for the first time.

Canoe equipments

Renting a canoe is also a great idea if you want to travel across water in style accompanied by one of your friends or relatives. A canoe comes in various sizes and colors and it usually can accommodate 2 persons at once. Sometimes if you are renting a canoe for more than 2 or 3 hours, you will get a discount. Also, you might be happy to know that experience is not required to travel with a canoe and you can share this adventure with your kids as well. You might also need to rent life vests to have more peace of mind out on the water.

Other types of accessories to enhance your experience

There are multiple types of accessories you can take advantage of when engaging in water sports. For example, you might be interested in a waterproof camera which will be very useful to snap pictures of aquatic creatures and plants. The waterproof camera can also be used to film your canoeing or kayaking adventures or to capture your friends on film when they travel with a jet ski. The camera is equipped with a memory card, so you can snap as many pictures as you want.

In addition to waterproof cameras, you can also rent special glasses which will prevent water from getting in your eyes while you are diving under water or traveling with a jet ski. Different types of wetsuits might also be recommended when performing water sports to enhance your experience.

We run a surf school in North Carolina and we specialize in water sports equipments rental. If you want to know more about Outer Banks equipment rentals, give us a call today or explore our website for more information.

Are You Aware Of The Health Benefits Of Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Are You Aware Of The Health Benefits Of Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Paddleboarding is fun, exciting, and it can actually improve your overall health, especially if you do it on a regular basis. This type of water sports will also test your fitness level, so you will know exactly how fit you actually are. Athletes who do stand up paddleboard are always in a great shape and if you try this sport in the future, you will reap the following health benefits.

Stand up paddleboarding can help you lose weight

outer banks stand up paddle

Those who do stand up paddleboarding burn more calories during this intense workout. If you practise paddleboarding on a regular basis, you will eventually start to shed pound after pound, depending on how often you do this water sport. Additionally, stand up paddleboarding also helps you tone your body and look better than ever.

Stand up paddleboarding can increase your metabolism

Your body’s metabolism is very important for your health, especially if you are thinking of losing weight. The metabolism is basically the rate your body processes the foods you eat. For example, those who have a slow metabolism eat fewer meals a day, they have less energy, and a weaker immune system. On the other hand, if you work out frequently or perform various water sports like stand up paddleboarding, your metabolism will increase. This in turn helps your body burn more calories and give you more energy throughout the day.

Stand up paddleboarding helps eliminating stress and anxiety

Any type of sport provides a great opportunity to get rid of stress, including stand up paddleboarding. When you practice this water sport, you basically have to remain stable on the board while traveling certain distances on water. The sun rays combined with the waves of the ocean and its breeze will make this experience a genuinely entertaining and exciting one. Your stress and anxiety levels will immediately decrease and you will instantly feel better. You might also be happy to know that studies show that stress is associated with a lot of health problems. By decreasing your stress levels, you will be healthier overall.

Stand up paddleboarding can improve your cardiovascular health

Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body. If it is in a good shape, you are more likely to be healthy and happy. Stand up paddleboarding is a sport which involves cardiovascular training which basically means that your heart will beat faster to supply your muscles with oxygen and the necessary nutrients. This in turn will improve your circulatory system and the health of your heart. As a result, you are less likely to develop heart-related diseases and illnesses such as coronary heart disease and others.

Stand up paddleboarding will improve your balance

When you are performing this exhilarating water sport, you are basically “wrestling” with the waves of the ocean and you do your best to stand up on the board. This will help you improve eye-hand coordination and your sense of balance as well. Having a great sense of balance will also improve your walking and give you more stability and confidence when you run, dance or perform housework.

Stand up paddleboarding helps you build muscles

This water sport is also excellent for those who want to get more muscle mass. When you practice this sport, you are basically pushing yourself forward using your arms’ strength. Although at first this might appear a little bit harder, you will become more experienced and stronger very soon. Professional athletes who practice this sport get strong arms as well as a powerful core thanks to the repetitive muscle contractions required to stand up on the board and move forward.

Stand up paddleboarding increases your stamina

Stamina is necessary for a plethora of activities, whether you are going to the grocery store, clean your house, work out or move things around the house. If you want, stamina is your daily energy you use to do everything. If you want to increase your stamina, you might want to practice various sports such as stand up paddleboarding. This type of sport trains almost your entire body, expands your lungs, improves your breathing, and strengthens your circulatory system. This in turn will increase your stamina and you will be able to perform various physical activities with much more ease.

Stand up paddleboarding improves your immune system

When all your organs and systems inside your body function normally, your immune system will greatly benefit from this. The immune system is important to protect you from diseases, illnesses, and infections. It can be enhanced if you perform an intense sport such as stand up paddleboarding.

We run a well-established surf school in North Carolina and we specialize in kayak tours as well as Outer Banks Standup Paddle lessons and tours. If you and your family members want to experience the thrills of water sports, contact us today to learn more about our services.

Outer Banks Summer Surf Camps 5 Day Shredutopia

Outer Banks Summer Surf Camps 5 Day Shredutopia

2020 5 Day Shredutopia Surf Camp

Session 1: June 22nd – 26th  ages 9-13   Tween Girls
Session 2: July 6th-10th Ages 8-12
Session 3: July 20th-24th Teen Camp 10-13
Session 4: Aug 3rd-7th  ages 8-12

There is no other camp this radical in a 100 mile radius!!!! This 5 Day Shfredutopia is from 9am-3pm Monday to Friday. This feast of ocean-based recreation builds the water skills of young people and helps them get a a good nights sleep!! Our day will kick off with a morning surf lesson and ocean safety clinics. Then we break for lunch. Now its time for the afternoon activities of kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or hiking. We may change the schedules depending on the surf and weather for the day, but this is great camp for your people who love the ocean. Camps are from 9 AM – 3 PM Monday – Friday.

Outer Banks Summer Surf Camps include the following:

5 Morning Surf Lessons with NSSIA Surf Instructors
1 Surf Kayak Lesson
3 Kayak Tours
1 Kayak Rescue Clinic
1 Surfboard Factory Tour

Hike at Jockey’s Ridge State Park

Ocean Awareness Education & Surfboard Rescue Clinic
Stand Up Paddle board Lesson (SUP)
All transportation for Activities
Final Day Lunch from Slice Pizzeria
T-shirt and stickers
Fun in the SUN!!!!
Coastal Ecology Education from the Nags Head Woods Nature Conservancy Preserve

Call about multi-sibling discount

Camp Registration



Outer Banks Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons

Outer Banks Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons

[pullquote3 align=”center”]Come learn to SUP on One of Our Outer Banks Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons[/pullquote3]

We can teach you the basics in an hour and a half lesson. Our instructors follow both the American Canoe and Kayak Association (ACA) and the National Surf School and Instructor Association SUP instruction protocols. No other surf school on the Outer Banks has that commitment to professionalism in instruction.

Our shop is located on a calm bay of the Currituck Sound so it is always EPIC SUPing conditions. Perfect for SUP Lessons, Tours or hourly Rentals. No matter what the wind direction the water is always glassy here.

Pricing for Outer Banks Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons

$60.00 per person



Outer Banks Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons

[info_box]Please call us at (252) 261-0145 or 1 (866) 702-5061 for the latest and most accurate availability.[/info_box]

SUP Surf Lessons

SUP Surf Lessons

[pullquote3 align=”center”]Learn to surf waves on a stand up paddleboard in the epic surf of the Outer Banks.[/pullquote3]

We offer private and group SUP surf lessons! Certified by both the American Canoe & Kayak Association as well as the National Surf School & Instructor Association you will not find more qualified and professional staff to help you catch waves in no time!

We shove off right from the beach with the best beginner surf breaks on the island to get you catching and SUPing waves in no time.

These lessons are offered on an individual basis so call or email us and we can set up a SUP surf lesson for you. These lessons typically go out at 9am in the morning as the best winds and low crowds at the beach in the am allow us total freedom to catch as many waves as possible in the 1.5 hour lesson.

A typical SUP surf lesson begins with a safety talk and learning the anatomy of a surfboard. Next paddling techniques, balance and feet positioning are discussed. Participants then practice popping up onto the surfboard on the beach before getting wet. The instructor is there to help you catch waves and answer any questions you might have about surfing, the ocean, waves, or surf culture.

You should be a competent SUPer in flat water before taking a surf lesson.

Pricing for SUP Surf Lessons

$125.00 per person



Kill Devil Hills Surf Lessons

Kill Devil Hills Surf Lessons

[pullquote3 align=”center”]Kill Devil Hills Surf Lessons surf lessons and surf camps are offered daily in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head at the best sand bars for learning how to surf.[/pullquote3]

Our lead instructor Herman Hall has taught people how to surf on four continents and is the area’s first licensed surf instructor and surf coach through the National Surf School and Instructor Association (NSSIA). Put that with our experienced staff, perfect beginner surfboards, warm water and consistent waves, and you have the perfect recipe for shredding.

Kill Devil Hills Surf Lessons Low Down

Our typical Kill Devil Hills Surf Lessons last 1.5 hours and begins with a safety talk and learning the anatomy of a surfboard. Next paddling techniques, balance and feet positioning are discussed. Participants then practice popping up onto the surfboard on the beach before getting wet. The instructor is there to help you catch waves and answer any questions you might have about surfing, the ocean, waves, or surf culture. Remember to always respect the ocean and never paddle out in unsafe, stormy or ocean conditions beyond your ability.

Pricing for Kill Devil Hills Surf Lessons

$69.00 per person – Single Group Surf Lesson

$99.00 for a Private Surf Lesson

$89.00 for a 2 Person Private Surf Lesson


Kill Devil Hills Surf Lessons Calendar

[info_box]Although we try very hard to keep all of our calendars up to date – we cannot guarantee that an open date on the calendar means an availability. Please call us at (252) 261-0145 or 1 (866) 702-5061 for the latest and most accurate availability.[/info_box]